Losing credibility is something the Republican Party has expertise on as more and more evidence of the Trump-Russia collusion is gathered, with the absolute disappointment that was the Nunes Memo, and the overall toxic policies that the GOP is advocating for since Trump became president. Scandal after scandal plagues Trump’s presidency and they don’t seem to end while one scandal involving former candidate for President Hillary Clinton is finally debunked.

The Uranium One rumor, which stated that Hillary Clinton, who was just one operative of the Committee of Foreign Investment of the United States, which is consisted of nine department leaders plus the Treasury Secretary, was involved in a uranium sale to a Russian firm in 2010 was an issue that both the House Intelligence Committee, led by Republican Senator Trey Gowdy, and the House Oversight Committee led by Devin Nunes were going to investigate back in winter of last year.

Of course, seeing as it is nobody in the United States is allowed of selling uranium, even if said person gets guidance from the Foreign Investment Committee, many lawmakers frowned at this accusation for being misguided, especially since the normal protocol states that U.S. uranium that is sold may stay in the U.S. This lie was talked about in and address made by Democrat Senators Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings, who restated how this claims were absolutely false.

Despite this, Trump tried to make the rumor a reality in order to screw up Hillary and find some breathing room for his own scandals to not get the attention of the media for a while. Now is time to work for Trump who now has to come up to another narrative to give to Fox News so that they can try to popularize it.

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