Trump’s longtime wish has been to obtain permission to fly and land his private helicopter at Mar-a-Lago. However no matter how hard he tried, how many bribes he paid and how many hands he shaked the deal master was never able to get it.

Then Trump ran for President and finally got a “reasonable” excuse to need a helipad at his resort. Trump was given permission to build a temporary Helipad at Mar-a-Lago, for the only and exclusive use of the Marine One Helicopter or other “official vessels”.

Trump would not be able to use this Helipad to land private helicopters, and after he left the presidency, he would need to demolish it. Yet, it has been less than a year since he built the Helipad and we can already see the Trump organization Helicopters parks at his own resort.

This is the second time The Trump helicopter has been seen parked in Mar-a-Lago. However, it is hard to get more accurate information on Trump’s misuse of his Presidential powers as a few months ago Trump Organization forced a mandatory gag order on all his employees banning them from talking about Trump’s family or suing the business.

Trump has refused to comment on any accusation as he keeps on thinking that he is above the law.

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