Another one of Trump’s appointees is discovered of being a total embarrassment for everybody including Trump as is gets revealed that Trump’s head of the Federal Railroad Administration was getting undercover payments, forcing the Trump administration to fire him for being a corrupt official since getting secret payment is a complete breach of federal ethics rules.

Heath Hall, now the former head of the Railroad Administration, is the owner of a consulting and public relations firm in Madison County, Mississippi. Hall was needed to resign from his spot as owner of said firm to properly exercise his job as a government official, since it is illegal to profit from your companies while working as a government official, but as seen with Donald Trump himself, it was found out that Hall’s firm, from July to December of last year, received payments from unknown sources despite pledging to stay separated from his firm while being in the Federal Railroad Administration, this forced him to resign as soon as the info was revealed to the public.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find out there are more government officials beneath Trump that are guilty of corruption.

This is the crowning achievement of a FRA run that was unsuccessful at best in which a Washington state train accident happened just days before Hall’s firing; this administration has been keen to remove safety regulations put in place during the Obama administration, a decision that makes no sense and endangers everyone in the U.S., making rail transportation not as safe as before causing crashes as the one mentioned earlier.

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