Donald is tired of us spreading “fake news” concerning him.

Donald, who spent many years claiming that Barack Obama was a Muslim born in Kenya, does not want people spreading false info.

Last year, Donald has tweeted about “FAKE NEWS! SAD!” He’s tired of the media telling lies about him. Donald has also tweeted about Obama wiretapping him and that global warming is a hoax created by Chinese people.

Donald, who once insinuated the Ted Cruz’s dad was involved in JFK’s assassination, doesn’t like it when people spread slanderous lies without a proof to back it up. Understandable.

Donald, who once said that Obama was the creator of ISIS and they had a service honoring him, doesn’t like dishonesty. So please be respectful.

It’s a complex situation. On one hand, 15+ girls are stating that Donald assaulted them. However, on the flip side, Donald bragged about assaulting women. Damn. It is tough to know who to believe.

So please, stop with the fake information, you’re being unfair to the man who said he spoke to the president of the Virgin Islands.

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