According to Trump’s government, as of right now it isn’t necessary to impose sanctions on Russia, bypassing the bipartisan decision to impose those sanctions as the Russian government meddled in the affairs of the US too much during the 2016 presidential campaign, and because of Russia’s unrelenting aggression towards the country of Ukrane .

The Department of State determined that there was no need to sanction Russia once again, going against federal law, telling as an excuse that these sanctions only worked as a deterrent. This goes against an uncontested bipartisan effort consolidated in the Countering America’s Adversaries through Sanctions Act, a law that Donald Trump didn’t want to sing but did in August of 2017.

This act works as a guideline for the Department of Treasury to impose sanctions to those entities which help the Russian government’s defense and intelligence departments, however the deadlines haven’t been met since this act was put into work as Trump has been shown not agreeing with it and even saying that it is illegal. Of course, Trump doesn’t want to damage his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but not putting into practice this law would rendering void the Senate’s authority over the president.

In the end, Trump chose Russia, which only helps increasing the ongoing suspicions about his proposed collusion with the Russian government during his campaign, providing Putin with more opportunities to do as he wants without facing any retaliation from the west, and allowing Putin to partake in even more interfering of US affairs.

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